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Welcome to JD Finish Line’s Vendor Site!

The JD Finish Line is one of the nation’s top sneaker companies. Our mission is to bring new apparel and sneakers to market, create memorable customer experiences and to deliver the EPIC finish. We place considerable importance on forging strong brand partnerships. Our brand partners, large or small, are essential components in accomplishing our mission.

The goal of this website is to clearly define our communications and logistics requirements to our vendors and ensure the development and maintenance of strong partnerships. You will find comprehensive information regarding policies, instructions, and requirements for JD Finish Line and its subsidiaries. Full compliance with the Vendor Compliance Manual is expected with our valued vendors to ensure efficient supply chain management.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to JD Finish Line, please complete and submit our Vendor Request form. Should your business meet our needs, someone will contact you.

We look forward to working with you!


Your acceptance of each purchase order from JD Finish Line shall constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of our purchase order terms and conditions and all instructions found on this website. JD Finish Line purchase orders are subject to change.