Vendor Code of Conduct

This Vendor Code of Conduct applies to all vendors, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and other suppliers who provide the JD Finish Line d/b/a JD Finish Line and JD Sports (“JD Finish Line”) with merchandise for resale pursuant to a purchase order, contract or agreement issued by or on behalf of JD Finish Line (collectively, “Vendors”). At all times, Vendors must comply with this Code of Conduct and cause their agents and suppliers to do so as well.

Laws and Regulations: Vendors must operate in full compliance with all applicable laws or regulations of all countries and localities in which it does business, including those related to labor, immigration, health and safety, work hours and the environment. Nothing in this Code is intended to limit this requirement.

No Underage or Forced Labor: Vendors must not use, or allow the use of, child, forced, bonded, indentured, involuntary or prison labor in the manufacture, finishing, or distribution of merchandise. Vendor must not incorporate materials in such merchandise resulting from the use of child, indentured, involuntary or prison labor.

Work Hours, Wages and Benefits: Vendors must fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations and, where applicable, industry standards, regarding human rights, including but not limited to, employee benefits, working hours, wages, overtime pay, required training, breaks and meal times.

Health and Safety: Vendors must not expose its workers to hazardous, unsafe or unhealthy conditions in the workplace. Vendors must provide workers with a clean, safe and healthy work environment and work towards preventing workplace accidents and injuries. Vendors should have plans in place to prevent, mitigate and handle spills or discharges of or exposure to any potentially adverse or hazardous materials.

No Discrimination: Vendors must not discriminate against workers on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, gender identification, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, whistleblower status, or any other similar protected classification.

No Harassment: Vendors must provide a workplace free from harassment, which includes coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitive conduct or behavior. Vendors should ensure that workers are treated fairly and with dignity and respect in the workplace. Such standards extend to Vendors’ disciplinary practices.

Freedom of Association: Vendors shall allow its workers to exercise their right to associate with any group or bargaining collectively (or not), consistent with applicable laws.

Ethical Business Practices: Vendors should adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct their business activities with integrity. Vendors must avoid actions that may result in conflicts of interest (or the appearance of the same). This includes offering, providing or reimbursing for gifts, favors, personal travel expenses, services of any kind, excessive meals or entertainment or any other thing of value to JD Finish Line personnel. Vendors shall prohibit all bribery or giving/transferring anything of value to any person or entity where the purpose, directly or indirectly, is to obtain an improper advantage. Vendors must support and fully comply with all antitrust and fair trade practices laws. Vendor must not engage in any unfair pricing practices, misrepresentation of products, inaccurate advertising and reporting.

Environmental Compliance: Vendors shall meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Vendors shall ensure the safe and lawful handling, movement, reuse, storage and management of waste, for all materials and merchandise. Vendor shall obtain all required environmental permits, licenses and registrations.

Monitoring Compliance: JD Finish Line reserves the right to monitor Vendors’ compliance with this Code of Conduct. Vendors must maintain documentation necessary to demonstrate its compliance. At any time, JD Finish Line may inspect and audit a Vendor’s facilities and records. Such inspections may be scheduled or unannounced and performed by a qualified party appointed by JD Finish Line.

Corrective Action: If a Vendor is in violation of this Code of Conduct, JD Finish Line may work with the Vendor to remediate the violation. JD Finish Line reserves the right to, however, immediately terminate its relationship with a non-compliant Vendor. This may include cancelling unfulfilled orders.

Reporting Non-Compliance: Report any concerns about a Vendor’s potential violation of applicable law or regulation or this Code of Conduct to JD Finish Line’s General Counsel at