New Vendor Onboarding Form

Before completing this form there are several pieces of information you should have available as well as some completed forms that need to be uploaded. You should only complete and submit this form ONCE. If the additional optional information is not provided here, you should work with your JD Finish Line buyer to provide it upon request.

It is recommended that you gather the following documents/information before you move on to the next step:

  1. Your JD Finish Line Buyer's email address - This is the buyer that you've been working with and has agreed to purchase your products. This is VERY important to routing and approval of your onboarding so please make sure that the email address is correct.

  2. IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (required)

    • A taxpayer Identification number (TIN) is required for all vendors - including corporations. New vendor requests WILL NOT be processed without a completed and signed IRS form. Use links below to obtain the official IRS forms.

  3. Sample Invoice (required)

    • A "mocked-up" or blank invoice template MUST be included with set up.

  4. Inovis Catalog Information (optional)

    • We utilize INOVIS as our catalog provider of UPCs and EDI. Please provide your 12 digit Inovis account number and grant access to your catalog of products to THE FINISH LINE USA INC.

    • In order to establish your UPC Catalogue with Inovis, you can contact them directly at Or call 877-4-INOVIS (877-446-6847), option 4. Once you have submitted your company information to your representative, it will take about 48-72 hours to establish your account and send your company the welcome packet via e-mail.

  5. Addresses for the following (optional)

    • Company Headquarters

    • Remit To Company (where checks should be sent)

    • Returns Company (where defective returns are shipped to)

  6. Contact information for the following

    • Chief Operating Officer / President

    • Chief Financial Officer

    • Accounting / Finance (required)

    • Vendor Compliance / Operations (required)

    • Legal Representative

    • Operations (EDI)

  7. Agreed upon Freight Terms (required)

    • Prepaid vs. Collect

    • If Collect, manufacturing locations and contacts.

  8. Defective Allowance (required)

    • Finish Line has a standard defective allowance program. We require that our vendors grant Finish Line a flat rate deduction equal to one (1.0%) percent of each merchandise invoice to cover our actual cost of the defective goods and the additional costs related to processing and handling the product. The DAA requires an electronic signature during the onboarding process

    • If you have worked with your JD Finish Line buyer to agree upon a percentage different that the 1%, you will be directed to electronically sign a different form to document the agreed upon percent.

    • If you have worked with your JD Finish Line buyer to agree upon a waiver of the DAA, you will be directed to electronically sign the DAA Waiver.

  9. RFID (Radio-Frequency Indentification) (required)

      • Are your products tagged with RFID?

      • Current business plans for RFID?

      • Are you able to add RFID tags at your manufacturing facilifty if requested? VAS - Value Added Service